Wednesday, December 7, 2011

having fun

Been busier than a cat playing in a litter box. So, I'll start with, I'm still dehydrating like a possessed person trying to make up for my failed garden. If something is on sale it comes home in larger quantities to be sliced up, blanched and dehydrated. This week it is bell peppers, last week it was celery. I'm always amazed how much bell pepper and celery shrink up. 10 bell peppers reduces to one pint and 8 pounds of celery reduces to a quart.

I was out on the web playing around (Nothing new there :>) ) and came across an entry about regrowing produce from the grocery store. I have done this with ginger-root and have a plant I need to re pot and harvest. I read an entry about celery and though why not! So I set a celery bottom in a shallow pan of water and sure enough, it sprouted new leaves. Then the next time celery was on sale I did nine more celery bottoms and all of them sprouted. I now have a shallow tote with potting soil in it with 10 celery bottoms merrily growing in a south-facing window. Now to remember to water! LOL

I'll have to tell you about my Christmas quilting and knitting adventures later.

Have a good Day!


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