Tuesday, July 5, 2011

tappan zee sweater update

Remember the sweater I was working on for myself?

And the problems I was having here? And I thought I had all the problems solved here? Well, guess what? I ran into more problems. I slipped my knitting onto some waste yarn and tried it on because the sweater looked like it was long enough to start the bottom band. (I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and wanted to work on my sweater while waiting to be seen.) The body of the sweater is too small! Insert several expletives here! Evidently when I knit stockinette I can get gauge. Sooo, I had a frog party and ripped it out to where the beige joins the plum and added the stitches I need to make the body the right size. Which means I will probably not have enough yarn to add the sleeves I want in the length I want. Rats! The colors are discontinued so I will have to get on Ravelry and see if anyone has yarn in their stash that they are wanting to part with. And to continue the whine, it took three rows to get the stitch count right in the right places. I had too many in the left and right fronts and not enough in the back. I have now knitted two rows with the stitch counts correct in each section of the sweater. So I hope I have it all straighten out for tomorrow. Wish me luck!

On a side note they are still firing fireworks as I type this! Sound like mortars! Guess I ought to go out and watch!

Have a good evening!


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